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Hello December.

I just got back into making cc, which means I’m a little rusty (as you can tell) but not like I was any good before anyway ahaha.

I made three shirts, and they’re super random and stuff like usual. I was going to make four but one got messed up and it was tiny and I was just all “THATS IT NO MORE NO MORE SHALL BE MADE” so now there’s three because I’m stroppy xD


They’re in simpack & package format so just install whatever you want, and they’re recolourable. Feel free to message me if you have any problems.


Here’s the download link: Clicky clicky

And I hope you enjoy.


If you use them, if you want, you can tag them with simshare and I will reblog them and cry and such so please please please do that and I will love you. I love you anyway but even more.

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